The Inner Pub\Bar

Gordo’s inner complex is called Night Swimming. You can find there a bar and a special lighting that create a more intimate atmosphere than the one (though amazing in its own way) in the outside wooden deck. The inner bar has several seating styles and from here you can also watch the Gordon beach and Frishman passers-by. The inner complex can be used as a private banquet room and sitting there is only by reservation.


Along with a wide range of classic cocktails, we have created a wide range of unique cocktails based on sorbet ice creams. In case “cocktail” sounds to light for you… you should know that all of our cocktails have a dose and a half of alcohol!


Gordo has a wide variety of wines. Along with local boutique wines we hold wines from the Barkan winery and a variety of “old world” (France, Spain) and “new world” (USA, Argentina, New Zealand) wines, champagne and sparkling wines

Our Bartenders

In addition to always having a good mood, our bartenders undergo a long training of service principles, cocktail and coffee making. Want to challenge them? Go ahead! They’d love that…


Customer Support

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