Dance Parties

It’s party time!!!! Gordo has absolutely everything you need for a great party. Everything is here! An inner, closed, air-conditioned compound equipped with a quality bar, an insane sound system and a stunning and warm design. All you have left is just… to dance! We will be happy to share with you our DJ database filled with a variety of styles or host a DJ that you will bring. Want to pamper your guests with snacks or various food stands? Just say what and we’ll get it done.

Ronen Avni Events Manager

Ronen- “chef” of event producing and one of the owners and founders of Gordo. Ronen is here to produce your event up to the last detail and turn you into carefree guests. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to achieve his goals. The wedding, basically, becomes his. Sounds funny? Crazy? Check out the online reviews of Ronen’s work and see for yourself.

It’s Party Time!

The holy trinity of a successful party: quality alcohol, the right DJ for the age of the guests and the proper lighting. In Gordo you can find all of them. From here, all you have to do is prepare your guest list, make sure everyone comes in a good mood and, most importantly, know you don’t have to worry about anything except for… having fun!

Uniqueness and Flexibility

We are well aware of the excessive prices that flood the market. It is the supreme priority of the Gordo team to organize the most successful event possible according to your budget, however limited. Gordo’s location on the beach of Tel Aviv is unique. Gordo isn’t just another event hall, but an events complex facing the sea in the center of Tel Aviv with a nearby parking (Kikar Atarim parking lot).

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