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Gordo – Café & restaurant in front of Gordo Beach Tel Aviv

Gordo – everything you would expect in a café – and then some1.


Barak Guttman

Barak, born in 1974, USA. Graduated from Haifa University. During the last 15 years he has established and managed several bars and restaurants in Tel Aviv, most prominent of which are “Vaad haBait”, “The Lobby”, “Blend”, “Golden Bar”, Yamas and others. Gordo, which he runs from 2010, was designated as an escape place of sanity and quality by the Tel Aviv shore.

Ronen Avni

Events Manager
Ronen, born 1974, Israel. Graduate of the College of Management. One of Gordo’s founders and the events manager since 2012. Ronen manages the events in Gordo on a large scale, starting from planning the event and building the concept to the last detail and managing the event itself.

Alex Cherchavedze

Known as “Fat Sasha” since his love for cooking equals his love for eating. Sasha began his career at the age of 15 in events halls, studied cooking in “haChef” college and worked in many restaurants as sous-chef and chef. He’s married to Olesia and father of Valeria.

Eli Avraham

Restaurant Manager
Graduate of the Ridman School of Nutrition. Worked in Gordo from the day of its establishment and slowly advanced to the position of the restaurant manager.


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