About Gordo

Gordo has over 10 years of experience in producing a variety of events starting from weddings and all the way to business events while maintaining the best quality and professionalism. Our team in Gordo works according to your budget, yes- yours. There is no such thing as a too low budget. You will work with Ronen- “chef” of event producing, one of the owners and founders of Gordo, and what’s more… all of this happens within only 32 steps from the shore.

Apart from the amazing view of Gordon Beach and the Mediterranean Sea, which is visible from anywhere in the complex, Gordo has audio and video infrastructures that allow for screening and greeting. In addition, the variety of furniture and the four existing levels allow you to create a wide range of seating models for your older and younger guests.

חתונה בים


פנייה לשירות לקוחות

שלום רב, שירות הלקוחות שלנו יישמח להעניק לך את השירות הטוב והנוח ביותר.

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Need help?